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Client needs assessment survey
Thank you for choosing Unismart Solutions. We strive to provide you with the best service possible and in order to do so it is important for us to understand your individual needs. Please help us determine how we help you take your business to new heights by completing our assessment survey below. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries related to any of the listed questions.
Help us understand your business better by telling us about the industry you operate within (Eg; Accounting, advertising, banking, sale of products, sale of services, e-commerce, etc). This will provide context and help get our creative juices flowing when designing your brand and website.
please provide us with the name of at least one director of you business.
Please provide us with your email address or business email address (if available).
Please provide a valid contact number.
Tell us if you you intend naming your website after your business name. If your website name is different from your business name, please specify below.
Please specify the desired website name here, if you do not intend using your business name. Leave blank if you intend using your business name.
Please tell us if you have already registered a domain for your website.
Leave blank if you do not have a registered domain.
Please specify if you would like to have us create personalized email addresses for your business. (Eg: info@yourbusinessname.co.za). Personalized emails help create a professional image and are a great way to help establish your brand.
Please specify if you require a logo designed for your business or brand. A well designed and relevant logo speaks volumes for your brand and helps clients identify with your business.
Please select the products you would like developed for your business or brand. You can select more than one product.
Please specify if you would like a responsive design for your website? Responsive web design provides users with an optimized experience when accessing your website from any device.
Please specify if you require SEO and website optimisation services. SEO is the key to helping users find your website and is therefore an investment worth considering. Website optimisation helps boost the speed of your website, providing users with a pleasant experience that will keep them engaged.
Please specify if you require digital marketing services to help boost and promote your brand.
Please specify the digital marketing services you would be interested in. Digital marketing is the most effective way to make sure your business reaches the largest audience possible. The more attention your business gets, the higher the chance of increased sales! Its that simple.
Please specify if there are any additional services that you would like us to provide which have not been discussed above.
Please provide us with any reference websites that you would like us to review when developing your site.

Please note:

  1.  The personal information pertaining to directors and your business will only be used for determining the requirements of your business and engaging with you as a client. We will never share or distribute this information with anyone without your consent.
  2. This questionnaire does not represent a complete evaluation of your needs but will be used to initiate the process of providing you with our services. We will engage with you further as your website is being developed. 
  3. We will never ask you to provide us with you account number, CVV number, credit details or any other forms of financial information in any forms or embedded links.